Makesy's Shopify Optimization for Enhanced Sales and User Experience

Makesy, a global supplier of premium candle-making ingredients and tools, partnered with FosterUI to optimize their Shopify store. The goal was to streamline complex pricing structures, enhance product navigation, and create a more intuitive shopping experience, ultimately driving sales and customer satisfaction.

Client Background

Makesy is a leading provider in the candle-making industry, offering a wide range of high-quality supplies to hobbyists and professionals worldwide. Their extensive product catalog and unique bulk discount structure presented challenges in creating an efficient and user-friendly online store.


Makesy faced several key challenges with their Shopify store:

  • Complex Bulk Discount Schemes: Makesy's pricing structure involved intricate quantity-based discounts, which were difficult to manage manually.
  • Inefficient Product Filtering: With an extensive product catalog, we built a product filtering system to help customers find specific items, ensuring a seamless shopping experience and boosting sales potential.
  • Limited Product Page Functionality: The product pages were enhanced by providing more detailed information and additional options for bulk purchases, which will help streamline the customer's decision-making process.


FosterUI developed a tailored Shopify solution to address Makesy's specific needs and optimize their online store:

  • Automated Bulk Discounts: We implemented custom Ruby scripts to automate the calculation and application of bulk discounts based on quantity breaks. This streamlined the checkout process, eliminated manual errors, and ensured accurate pricing for customers.
  • Enhanced Product Filtering: We implemented a robust filtering system on collection pages, enabling customers to quickly narrow their search by product type, brand, and other relevant attributes.
  • Streamlined Product Pages: We optimized product pages by incorporating complex options for bulk purchases and integrating automated discount calculations. This provided customers with greater flexibility and transparency in their purchasing decisions.


The Shopify enhancements implemented by FosterUI delivered significant improvements for Makesy:

  • Streamlined Operations: The automation of bulk discounts saved time and reduced errors, allowing the Makesy team to focus on other essential aspects of their business.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The improved filtering and product pages simplified the shopping journey, making it easier for customers to find and purchase the needed products.
  • Increased Sales: By removing barriers to purchase and offering transparent bulk pricing, Makesy saw a noticeable increase in sales and overall revenue.


FosterUI's expertise in Shopify development enabled Makesy to overcome its unique challenges and achieve a more efficient, user-friendly, and high-converting online store. This project demonstrates the power of tailoring Shopify solutions to specific business needs, resulting in a significant positive impact on both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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