Shopify Plus Migration: Empowering a Global Community

Tandy Leather, a century-old leader in the leathercraft industry, partnered with FosterUI to migrate its extensive multi-region storefronts to Shopify Plus. The goal was to modernize its online presence, improve the customer experience, and equip the brand for continued global growth.

Client Background

With a history of over 100 years, Tandy Leather is a well-established and respected brand in the leathercraft community. Their commitment to quality materials, educational resources, and fostering a passionate community of makers sets them apart. However, their outdated e-commerce platform needed to be improved to serve their customers and expand their reach effectively.


FosterUI designed and implemented a comprehensive Shopify Plus migration strategy, addressing each of Tandy Leather's pain points:

  • Shopify Plus Migration: We meticulously planned and executed the migration process, ensuring minimal disruption to the business and preserving their hard-earned SEO rankings.
  • Custom Theme Development: We crafted a bespoke Shopify Plus theme that embodied Tandy Leather's brand aesthetic, incorporating intuitive navigation, engaging visuals, and clear product information.
  • Integrations & Customizations: We implemented key integrations with marketing tools like Listrak and scheduling software like Acuity. We also developed custom content sections to showcase Tandy Leather's unique offerings, such as workshops and educational resources.


The transition to Shopify Plus yielded a multitude of benefits for Tandy Leather:

  • Global Scalability: The new platform provides the robust infrastructure and flexibility needed to support Tandy Leather's continued expansion into new markets and regions.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Customers now enjoy a modern, user-friendly website with improved search functionality, streamlined navigation, and a more engaging shopping experience.
  • Operational Efficiency: By integrating essential tools and streamlining content management, the Tandy Leather team can easily update their site and focus on their core business activities.
  • Brand Consistency: The new Shopify Plus store reflects Tandy Leather's commitment to quality, community, and craftsmanship, creating a cohesive brand experience across all channels.


FosterUI's expertise in Shopify Plus migration and development empowered Tandy Leather to overcome the limitations of its outdated platform and embrace a modern e-commerce solution that aligns with its brand legacy and growth ambitions. The successful migration has positioned Tandy Leather for continued success in the global market, enhancing its ability to serve its passionate community of leather crafters.

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